Ganglion of Impar Block

What is it?

A ganglion of impar block is safe and easy procedure used to treat visceral, pelvic, genital, perineal and anal pain. This injection is a type of sympathetic block that can be used in the treatment of sympathetically-mediated pain, pain secondary to malignancy, neuropathic pain, and post-surgical pain.

Candidates for this procedure frequently complain of a vague and poorly localized pain in the “seat” region, which is burning in character and frequently accompanied by sensations of urgency with urination and/or defecation

What are the benefits?

A ganglion of impar block is a minimally invasive procedure that is easy to perform and can be used to treat recalcitrant visceral, pelvic and genital pain. This injection can be performed in a matter of minutes right in your doctor’s office.

The most important aspect of this procedure is its ability to offer powerful pain relief, even in the presence of malignancy. Patients can expect anywhere between 50-100% pain relief from this injection. As a variety of pelvic structures have nerve fibers that travel through the ganglion of impar, a block performed here can treat multiple areas of pain simultaneously.
The location of the ganglion of impar also makes it ideal for Radiofrequency Ablation. The preferred technique for this is “needle-in-needle.” In this method, one needle is placed in the manner described above and then a second, smaller needle (RF cannula) is placed within the first needle with the tip just beyond the tip of the first. Finally, a thin RF probe is placed through the second, smaller needle.

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