Patient Stories: Back Pain Treatments at Advanced Pain Institute

Jun 21, 2021
At the Advanced Pain Institute led by Dr. I. Michael Minehart we pride ourselves in helping patients improve their quality of life through pain management treatment.

Patient Stories: Back Pain Treatments at Advanced Pain Institute

At the Advanced Pain Institute led by Dr. I. Michael Minehart we pride ourselves in helping patients improve their quality of life through pain management treatment. Their testimonials show how API’s services and treatments have changed their lives for the better. We are delighted to hear that we have had such an impact and look forward to continuing to work with our patients on their journey to health and wellness. 

Michael’s Testimonial for Back, Neck and Leg Pain Treatment at API 

“When you get my age and a guy can keep you going he’s gotta be good.” 

– Michael

A long time patient of Dr. Minehart who has received treatment for the last 16 years, Michael has had one pain or another over the years. But for the last 5 years his primary concern was back pain, and he attests to how Dr. Minehart treated him using various methods to relieve that pain. Michael reports that they went for the spinal cord stimulator which decreased the pain by 70-80% or even more. 

This significant degree of pain relief has profoundly improved Michael’s quality of life allowing him to get back on his feet comfortably and “mess around” as he says. This has allowed him to move and work without even noticing any pain. He says that the only time he experiences pain or some stiffness is when he sits down for long periods to watch TV or when rising from the bed in the morning. He reports stiffness when he is inactive but says it is not pain, just discomfort. All in all, this shows drastic improvement and pain relief. 

“He’s actually kept me going,” Michael explains. He also mentions undergoing ulnar nerve entrapment treatment by Dr. Minehart as well as relief from neck pain, stating that the neck pain has been gone for 7 or 8 years since the treatment. 

Carlo’s Testimonial of API Back Pain Treatment

A patient who had lower back pain that radiated down his legs, groin and feet, Carlo underwent a Spinal Cord Stimulator Implant when conservative treatments failed and eventually surgical disk replacement allowed him to return to his regular work schedule. 

According to the 40 year old, he has been a patient of Dr. Minehart for 7 years, initially finding him online when searching for a pain management doctor. The treatment addressed his chronic low back pain and the pain radiating from the region, allowing him to go back to work. He says that this is all due to Dr. Minehart, who even at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic was able to continue treating Carlo’s condition. 

The treatment Carlo had involved the use of a spinal cord stimulator, an implant that sends low levels of electricity directly into the spinal cord to alleviate pain. It consists of thin wires and a small, pacemaker-like battery pack or generator, with the electrodes placed between the spinal cord and vertebrae. The generator is placed under the skin, typically near the buttocks or abdomen, and allows patients to send the electrical impulses with a remote control whenever they feel pain. The control and its antenna are outside the body.


We are delighted to hear how Advanced Pain Institute and Dr. Minehart’s treatment made a difference in the lives of our patients and we are thankful for their kind words. Interested in treatment for similar lower back pain conditions or other types of pain? Feel free to reach out to API.