Treatment for Back Pain and Neck Pain in Arcadia and Encino

Oct 27, 2021
The spine is a sensitive part of the body that runs from the base of the skull and connects to the hip region.

The spine is a sensitive part of the body that runs from the base of the skull and connects to the hip region. On one end is the cervical part of the spine that comprises the neck, whereas the thoracic and lumbar spinal areas comprise the upper and lower back. What this means is that spinal pain can encompass either neck pain or back pain, sometimes even both. While most common causes of acute back or neck pain entails some kind of muscle injury, chronic pain can involve issues with lumbar spinal discs. At Advanced Pain Institute, we can determine the cause of either back pain and neck pain and implement appropriate treatment plans to reduce or get rid of the discomfort and let patients live free of pain.

Neck Pain Treatment at Advanced Pain Institute

Neck pain can result from many different underlying conditions, and each requires very specific forms of treatment in order to relieve the pain. Neck pain is not necessarily due to injuries. The most common form of neck pain is due to improper posture from working in the office, in front of a computer, all day long. Neck pain can also result from degenerative conditions like disc problems or osteoarthritis. Whichever the cause may be, there are multiple forms of treatment that can provide relief and improve quality of life, and Dr. Minehart and his team at the Advanced Pain Institute can help develop a personalized plan just for you.

For minor neck pain, treatments include temperature therapy, physical therapy routines, or prescription medications like painkillers or muscle relaxants. For more intense neck pain, treatments include corticosteroids or traction. When the doctor recommends surgery, it is most likely because the neck pain is due to a more serious underlying condition.

In some cases, neck pain can indicate more serious conditions such as meningitis or fibromyalgia. If you believe that your neck pain is due to something more severe, seek medical treatment immediately.

Looking to have your neck pain addressed? Want improved quality of life? Reach out to Advanced Pain Institute and let Dr. I. Michael Minehart, M.D. help free you from pain. 

Experiencing Back Pain? 

Is it being exacerbated by spending most of your time seated or slouched in front of a screen? It doesn’t have to be this way and with the help of the pain specialists at the Advanced Pain Institute, you can live a life without pain and start feeling better.

At Advanced Pain Institute in Arcadia and Encino, California, pain management specialist I. Michael Minehart, M.D., offers successful solutions for back pain.

Many factors can cause back pain or contribute to it. Some are more treatable than others. Age and genetics are among the biggest indicators. Carrying excessive weights or doing physical work can contribute to the condition.

At API, our back pain treatments are personalized depending on the unique needs of each patient, and the severity of their condition and its causes. For example, if the pain is caused by injury to discs or spinal structure, then surgery may be the only treatment. If the pain is due to repetitive motion, relief can come from addressing posture, regular stretching and other forms of physical therapy.

During your visit to API, assessments will be done to evaluate the severity of your back pain and create a proper back pain treatment plan best suited in meeting your pain relief goals.


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